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Bringing archaeology alive
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I provide a range of KS2 classroom based, archaeologically themed, living history teaching resources that cover the Roman, Anglo-Saxon, and Viking periods.

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In addition to running classroom based activities in schools, I also run an archaeological research project and I have tried to use archaeology as a theme to bring the past to life in schools. By being able to handle real historical objects in their own classroom, children can connect directly with the past. Through examining these artefacts children can learn to consider evidence critically; ask questions, test assumptions and drawing their own conclusions.

Developing enquiry and discovery in the classroom.

My living history activities are ideal to act as a primer for forthcoming lessons or to reinforce previously undertaken ones. It is always amazing to see the wonder when pupils hold something that was used by a real person long ago and all within their own classroom.

Engaging children with the Invaders and Settlers from Britain’s fascinating history.

All of my living history activities directly address National Curriculum requirements and are designed to not only provide a stimulus for children’s own enquiry but to get them to think critically about these important and periods of Britain’s fascinating history. I look to encourage the pupils to develop a respect for evidence; to learn how to be critical of it and how to discover the different ways in which the past is represented and interpreted. And most importantly of all... how to have fun!

Teaching activity plans:

The Vikings: Who they really were.
The Romans: What did they do for us?
The Anglo-Saxons: Life in the Dark Ages?

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Simon Ward, Deputy Head teacher Newcastle - April 2010
Our children really benefited from the hands on approach to learning, and Garyʼs questioning skills enabled them to gain great empathy with how people lived thousands of years… Read more
Wendy Huddy, History Subject Leader, Peterborough - May 2010
Gary really does manage to bring archaeology alive in the classroom! The activities got the children thinking about how we go about understanding the past… Read more

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